1.  January 7, 2021,  a Steering Committee Co Chair group is on board, Peter Crich, Bev Matychuk, Keith Siren and John Pula.

These are the objectives for 2021.

1.  Establish and confirm the event of The Collegiate 100th Anniversary Reunion in May, 2023, and the creation of an organization to activate it.

2.  Start spreading the news and get the communication and connecting started for all to save the date, for those planning to attend and for those who will volunteer to make the event happen.

3.  The gathering of people for the formation of strong committees and groups to build the framework for the reunion activities.

4.  January, 2022, in hopes that the world and our lives have reached a state of normalcy, we activate the courses we have charted in 2021, and have 16 months to get this party started!

The process of building a reunion is always a work in progress based on the people involved, game plans are always being revised and revisited, and the final result is always a mystery to behold.  Stay tuned, stay excited, and start spreading the news!